2003, Haznee Records 900003
Dick van der Giessen & Maarten Veldhuis
Dick van der Giessen
01 Ask For Trouble (outtake)
02 Guts (John Cale) (live)
03 Gathered Round The Monument (alt mix)
04 Not The Loving Kind (John Cale) (live)
05 I Have To Close My Eyes (live)
06 Untitled (demo)
07 Whoevergetsherefirst (demo)
08 Sea Song (Robert Wyatt) (live)
09 Worried (alt vocal/mix)
10 Burlesque (Chapman/Whitney) (live)
11 Song For Kerwin (demo)
12 Opera (v d Hombergh) (demo)
13 Masters Of Plenty *
14 You Need A Gun (To Blow My Mind) *
15 Missing Links (live)

* Live At VARA's Popkrant